The very best of Finnish Folk Fiddling!

”Before this concert, I had not grasped what playing as a duo truly was. As musicians, they had an incredible connection with one another throughout the gig.”

Veikko Halmetoja, art gallerist and art critic

The aim for their five-string fiddle duo was clear to Emilia Lajunen and Suvi Oskala from the start: to search for great fiddle tunes from the archives – both written and audio – and to make the music of the old fiddler’s their own. In addition to their interest in tradition they also share a passion for the inventive use of their five-stringed instruments which makes this fiddle duo very unique. As a result of these two passions their repertoire as a duo consists of Finnish fiddle traditions gems arranged with a twist and of commission compositions by eg. Mikael Marin of Väsen and accordionist Johanna Juhola.

The virtuosic chamber folk duo was formed in 2010. Before that Emilia and Suvi had played together in various projects eg. Piia Kleemola & co and in dance and music production ’Silmu’ which fascinated audiences with its dancing fiddle players in Finland during the years 2004-2007. Their first album ‘Tyttörinki’ was released in 2012 and their second album ’Piilokisa’ by Nordic Notes 2018. In 2019 they were selected to play a WOMEX official showcase from over a thousand applicants. During their career they have actively performed at various stages in Finland and abroad in the Nordic countries, India, China and South Korea.